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Where Lent has been leading us...

The Sacred Triduum

As Catholics, we know about Ash Wednesday and Lent, and we know that it all ends with Easter, but we often miss where Lent has been leading us.  Since the Church knows that not everyone is able to celebrate on a weeknight, we are provided with "Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion" this past Sunday, where we hear the story of Jesus death from one of the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke).  Starting Thursday night, however, Holy Thursday, three days before Easter Sunday, we are able to enter the fuller picture of the final "Passover" of Jesus from death to life for all of us.  If at all possible, we should live these days as united to what Jesus and the Church are doing, moment by moment.  In fact, the Church sees these three days as one - one present moment in which we enter into the very mystery and heart of Jesus Christ in His Agony, His Betrayal, His Imprisonment, His Suffering, His Crucifixion, Death, Burial, and, ultimately, His Resurrection.  See below about how to live these days.

St. Rose Savannah.png

The Triduum at St. Rose, Savannah, MO

Holy Thursday - 6 pm

Good Friday - 6 pm

Easter Vigil (Saturday) - 8 pm

St. Rose is the Parish of our Chaplain, Fr. Barlett.  2 Newman students will be entering the Church on Sat night, adn 1 will be confirmed.

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

St. Greg's.jfif

The Triduum at St. Gregory,

Maryville, MO

Holy Thursday - 7 pm

Good Friday - 5:30 pm

Easter Vigil (Saturday) - 8 pm

If it's so important, why don't we have the Triduum at Newman?

  Although Holy Thursday can be celebrated in any Catholic chapel, the Easter Vigil is supposed to be celebrated in a larger group.  Smaller groups are supposed to join together on this Holy Night.  And without being followed by the Vigil,  the Liturgy of Good Friday shouldn't be done in a place. 

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