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Want to join the Frassati house?


Welcome to Northwest’s Catholic men’s house. So, you are interested huh?? GREAT!! We would love to have you become part of this house.


So, what is the Frassati house?

The Frassati house is where a limited number of catholic men affiliated with the Newman center live together. Because we all share the love of the Catholic faith, this allows our residents to grow in virtue with one another and expand their knowledge in their faith journeys.


It’s good to know that although this house is faith based, you will live a completely independent lifestyle. It’s just like renting out a room in an apartment!


Here are the simple required things we do to stay in touch with our Catholic lifestyle while living at frassati!


                      -Weekly Rosary

                        -Bible study

                          -Weekly or daily mass


See, simple!

If this intrigues you in any way shape or form, the men of Frassati urge you to contact the director of the Newman center to ask about taking up residency. Call 660-541-0621


“We must sacrifice everything for everything: our ambitions, indeed our entire selves, for the cause of the Faith.”

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